Call for science and technology experiments to be conducted on the Lynx of Xcor Aerospace organized by the SRA







 (Download the pdf SRA Procedure Select Sci Expts_last )

1) The Suborbital Research Association (SRA) invites all researchers who are members of the SRA to submit experiment proposals in view of their potential realization during a future suborbital flight. The first mission that the SRA will organize is a suborbital flight on XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx Mark I at an altitude of 60 to 65 km and of approx. one minute of duration, presently foreseen for Spring 2015.

2) This call for proposals is continuously open to members of the SRA, meaning that potential Proposers must have paid their SRA membership fees and that proposals can be received any time.

3) Proposals in all scientific and technological disciplines can be submitted. However, prior to submittal, the Proposer shall inform him-/her-self about the possibilities, interfaces and constraints of the Lynx vehicle and will consider these in the preparation of the proposal. Experimental resources on board the Lynx vehicle must be shared among all experiments that will be manifested for this flight. Therefore, miniaturisation and elimination of all non-necessary components must be foreseen.

4) Proposers shall submit a cover letter and the proposal itself, both in English.

5) The cover letter must state :

(1) compliance and acceptance of the terms of this call;

(2) that, in case of selection, the Proposer shall:

– provide all technical data (including MSDS) of all materials used;

– comply with all requirements of XCOR Aerospace as laid down in XCOR

Aerospace’s Payload User Guide (see further);

– make all best efforts to prepare and conduct the proposed experiment;

– agree to sign a Cross Waiver and Liability Release form (to be made available later



6) The proposal itself should be kept reasonably short (less than ten A4 pages) and include as a minimum the following:

(1) Title of the proposed experiment;

(2) Name, first name, affiliation, address of laboratory, landline phone number, fax number, mobile phone number, e-mail address of the Proposer and all main co-Proposers;

(3) An abstract of maximum one page summarizing the highlights of the proposed research;

(4) A description of the scientific context and hypotheses of the proposed research, and the expected results;

(5) A brief description of the experimental equipment to be used during flight;

(6) A list of references and recent publications;

(7) For experiments proposed to be conducted on human subjects, a Local Ethical Committee form stating that the proposed experiment is ethically approved to be conducted on human subjects;

(8) A statement from an authorized person of the affiliation institution confirming that the Proposer and his/her personnel are adequately insured to prepare and conduct the proposed experiment in case of selection;

(9) An estimate of the financial budget required to prepare and conduct the proposed experiment and a proof that the proposer team has adequate funding to conduct the research


7) Proposals shall be submitted electronically only as Word or PDF files, by e-mail to the following address

8) A Selection Committee of the SRA, composed of scientists and engineers who are founding members or full paid members of the SRA, will review experiment proposals for their admissibility. Admissibility criteria include:

(1) full paid SRA membership of the Proposer;

(2) completeness of the cover letter and of the experiment proposal;

(3) scientific or technical interest of the proposed experiment;

(4) technical feasibility of the proposed experiment within the experimental constraints of

the Lynx vehicle;

(5) availability of adequate funding to the proposing team for the experiment preparation.


9) The Selection Committee will inform within two months the Proposer whether the proposal is admissible or not.

10) Approximately one year before a flight is foreseen, the Selection Committee will recommend a series of experiments to the Board of Administrators of the SRA for final approval. The decision of the SRA Administrator Board will be final and without appeal.

11) During the experiment preparation phase, in case of failure of providing in time all necessary technical and administrative documentation to support technical reviews and/or in case of non-compliance of the experiment with XCOR Aerospace’s requirements, the SRA may decide to withdraw the experiment until adequate documentation and/or compliance to all requirements has/have been provided. The SRA may further decide to replace this experiment by another experiment if the adequate documentation is not provided in time and/or non-compliance to requirements persist. The SRA decision will be final and without appeal.

12) The Proposer shall ensure that he/she and all member of his/her team are fulfilling the conditions to obtain a US visa (type Tourist) and are adequately insured for travelling to and from and staying in the USA.

13) In case of schedule delay of the launch date of the mission, the SRA will make all efforts to inform all experimenters in time. However, the SRA and XCOR Aerospace shall not be held responsible and liable for any financial or technical consequences of the delay.

14) Information on the Lynx Mark I can be found in the document “Missions with the Lynx” and on XCOR Aerospace website

where a Payload User Guide (PUG) can be requested by the Proposer.