A group of Space professionals created the « Suborbital Research Association » whose goals are to promote suborbital research and to coordinate flight opportunities for scientific and technical experiments on board suborbital platforms, such as the SpaceShip Two of Virgin Galactic/Scaled composites, the Lynx of XCOR Aerospace.

Suborbital carriers, available in the coming years, will be research platforms complementary to aircraft parabolic flights, sounding rockets and orbital flights on board the International Space Station. Depending on which suborbital carrier is used, the duration of the microgravity environment will be in the order of one to several minutes.

Beside microgravity research on human subjects and in physical and biology sciences, investigations in other disciplines can be conducted in atmospheric sciences, astrophysics, Earth observation, technology tests, …

In 2014 the SRA conducted a series of actions to select candidate experiments within the scientific community and the young students in secondary schools for a first scientific mission which is envisioned in the time frame of 2016.

See our Announcement on the right of this page for more information on your possible participation to this adventure.

For more detailed information you may download the SRA document “Mission with the Lynx“.